Books Name: Surveying: Principles and Applications (9th Edition)

Author: Barry Kavanagh
Edition: 9th

Why You Should Have This Book?

Surveying is one of the major subject of civil engineering. Moreover, there are several posts for surveyors in any construction works. As it measures the general facts and in and out of any construction work it is very important to do surveying following the rules and procedures.
Construction surveying in many times may be very hard job to do as it requires special thinking and planning of the whole matter. Therefore it is much required to follow the practical and thumb rules in the construction field to do it properly. Because ther success of the whole construction work largely depends on the success of surveying department.
Surveying with Construction Application is one the best books in the field of practical surveying that comes with the applications of theories and principles of surveying along with the way of solving surveying related problems.
The 8th edition of Surveying with Construction Application covers almost all of the topics that may be required while you are on the field. This book deals with the up to date technology in Surveying so that students can learn the best thing.
This book will help the surveyors in many ways.

  • It presents the general surveying principles and rules in a effective manner so that you can learn effectively.
  • Describes the Uses of up to date technological instruments .
  • Comply with the modern surveying procedure and rules.
  • Solves general mathematical problems related to surveying
  • Includes real life problem solution techniques
  • Emphasize on various important topics like distance measurement,satellite positioning,various computations, geomatics etc.
  • Links to contemporary surveying techniques
  • Provides strong source of references.
  • Up to date laboratory modules and practice session included.