Books Name:Testing of Concrete in Structures

Author: J.H.Bungey and S.G.Millard


ISBN:0-203-79607-1 (Adobe eReader Format)

Testing of Concrete in Structures: Fourth Edition

In the present era it is very much needed to check the quality of hardened concrete in situ. Although this is an hard job to do but many researches have been carried out since 1960 to make this possible. Now-a-days several papers and techniques regarding this topic have been published.

The need of sch book is increasing day by day as many of our structures and buildings are going to be deteriorates day by day. This deterioration may finally lead to collapse of the entire and may cause serious damage to humanity. Change in production of construction materials made it more important to check the present vulnerability of the existing structures. This book will help the readers to determinate the quality of structures to safe the mankind.A number of illustrative examples have been included with this in mind.

Concrete testing has three major periods. At laboratory concrete mix design, tests on fresh concrete and tests on hardened concrete. This book describes these three steps throughly along with explanation.