Books Name: The Art of Precast Concrete

Author: David Benett

ISBN:3764371501 and 9783764371500

Concrete is a stone like material that gains its strength with time.There are two types of concrete. Concrete that is previously made and is used during construction is termed as precast concrete.The other type is cast in situ concrete which is made on the field.Precast concrete is one of the most used construction material. Now-a-days it is vastly used in many construction works. Its fabrication is easy and can be of any shape.The quality of precast concrete can be well maintained and thus ensure the quality of the construction work. Precast concrete is mainly used in bridge work as the work can be done 5 times faster than the cast-in-situ concrete works.In many cases  precast concrete has advantages over cast-in-situ concrete. The major advantages are:

  • Better quality management
  • Faster works
  • can be of any shape

The main disadvantages is that it need extra care to transport and may need heavy machinery.