Books Name: The Beginner’s Guide to Engineering: Mechanical Engineering
Author: Mark Huber

Why Mechanical Engineers Should Have This Book

Mechanical Engineering is one of the major engineering branches. It comprises of several new dimensions in the field of engineering and sometimes it is called as the Mother of Engineering.
Every mechanical engineers should have a basic knowledge over the topics of mechanical engineering that describes it best.Therefore, those who wants to gather knowledge of engineering especially in the field of mechanical engineering.
The Beginner’s Guide to Engineering: Mechanical Engineering describes the basic things to the learners. It comprises of some basic engineering knowledge and their implementation in Mechanical Engineering working field.or the undergraduate students of Mechanical Engineering this awesome and tiny book provides many spectacular information and guides them to the implementation of the knowledge.
People who does not have any technical idea in the field of mechanical engineering can also gather some basic knowledge through this book. There are several technical observations that is seen from the point view of non-technical person. As a result it becomes simple and easy to understand the basic of engineering especially mechanical engineering.
This book could be a great book for those who are studying in high school on any non-major engineering or mechanical engineering.