Books Name:The Tall Buildings Reference Book

Editor: David Parker and Antonny Wood
Edition: 1st
ISBN-13: 978-0415780414
ISBN-10: 0415780411

What is Specialty of this Book?

There are several books on tall buildings and structural building design and analysis in the market. But if you want to learn efficient and real life procedures you may follow The Tall Buildings Reference Manual by David Parker and Antonny Wood.

There is a huge growth in the economy and also in the population of this small planet. So it is very much needed for us to build big cities where millions of people would have better life both physically and mentally. So the need of structures and tall buildings in the cities could not be expressed in words alone. The Tall Building Reference book addresses everything that may be needed to build a good center of excellence in today’s world. From procurement to finishing of a tall building this book emphasizes on the key points to be remembered and to the best procedures and alternatives.

This book contains case studies that shows you and motivate you to build a good structure that is sustainable and uses the less power. It emphasizes on the green technology and therefore are leading you to build a sustainable building system