Books Name: Theory Of Plates & Shells

Author/Writer: S. Timoshenko and S. Woinowsky Krieger
Publisher: Mc-Grawhill
ISBN: 0-07-064779-8
Edition: Second

Reissued: 2010



Old is Gold!This is a very basic and one of the classic book on the theory of shells and plates. As a lot of changes and modifications come across the path of shell structures so this second edition of this book also comes with several modification. The principal edition to th second edition is:

1. an article on deflection of plates due to transverse shear article on stress concentrations around a circular hole in a bent plate

3. a chapter on bending of  plates resting on a elastic foundation

4. a chapter on bending of anisotropic plates

5.a chapter certain special and approximate methods used in plate analysis.