Books Name: This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate

Author: Naomi Klein

What This Book Discusses About?

Naomi Klein is one of the best author of recent books.(N.B. Naomi Klein is the author of international bestseller The Shock Doctrine).
Climate change will be a major force to change our economy in the future. Climate change and its concurrences will change the global structure of economy and the theme ‘Free Market’ will change to something else.
Naomi Klein explains why changes in economy is a must and what is its relationships with Fee Market. This book says either we have to change our climate otherwise change will come automatically to our whole life!
Naomi Klein sya that climate change is not just an issue now, it is what will change our lifestyle in future. Climate change is closely related to our daily life and health care. Naomi klein says todays economy is failing in many ways to build our life, just image about our economy,culture and broken democracies. All we need is just to fix our environment to the most suitable condition to get the best benefit from it. Our ozone straata is depleting and thus creating a life full of changes. He also demonstrates why the Market economy will not be able to fix our environment and climate and why do we need a change?

Klein also have a argument about our relationships and its relationships with the depleting nature. He says this broken economy and system could be viably be interlinked with our social values and with relationships we gather in our social life.

Lastly, can this changes happen along with our natural works? Nothing is certain and let wait for the best.