TI 84 Plus Series from Texas Instruments

TI 84 Plus Series is one of the most favorite and popular model of graphing calculator of Texas Instruments. These calculators are very popular in United States and in many other countries where it is permitted to use graphing calculator in high school exams. Graphing calculator from Texas Instruments are very popular for their features and great performance along with the good durability. TI 84 Plus C Silver Edition Graphing Calculator of Texas Instruments in one of the most distinguished and popular calculators with great features and longevity.

Key Features of TI 84 Plus C Silver Edition Graphing Calculator

TI 84+ C Silver edition gra[hing calculator is one of the great and latest calculator from Texas Instruments. There are several other models from Texas Instruments that comes with many features. But TI 84 Plus C Silver Edition is different in some respects.

Similarity with other TI graphing Calculators:

TI 84 Plus C is has similarity with other models in terms of user interface, folder and filing options. You will feel that you are experiencing a software update of other TI graphing calculator models. If you are a long term TI graphing calculator user you will find it easy to operate and will face no difficulty in your exam halls.

Although TI 84 Plus C user interface and filing options are identical to those of its previous versions, this graphing calculator is quite different in terms of its features and there are some upgrades you would notice. The first thing that will make you surprise is color display. The display is colorful and attractive. TI 84 Plus C Silver Edition is very light weight and you will feel it comfortable to carry it with you to exam halls. This special graphing calculator does not contain any AAA batteries like its previous versions and comes with a rechargeable battery. The rechargeable battery of TI 84 Plus C Silver Edition can be recharged by a mini USB through which you can also connect it with your computer. The battery capacity is good and you do not have to worry about charging if you full charge your graphing calculator. An average user would pass fifteen days after recharging for one time.
COLOR ti 84graphs ti 84

Figure: Colored Screen of TI 84+C graphing Calculator

The pixel of screen is good along with its vibrant colors. So menus are very clear to work with and you would be able to view your modes from the top of the screen easily. Screen layout is very much user friendly than ever and you will find it easy which modes are you using as it is displayed over of the screen. This graphing calculator also shrinks the graph areas and put a border along it, so that you can easily view your graphs without any need of scrolling. The graphs are also presented in color format. You can also recognize your jpg pictures using TI-connect software. Using TI-Connect software to recognize jpg or png files are a great experience for the TI users.

In a words the key features of TI 84 Plus C Silver Edition-

  • Full colored back lit display along with high resolution
  • Good quality rechargeable TI battery(Rechargeable via mini USB)
  • Can recognize jpg/png images through TI- Connect software.
  • User friendly and higher acceptance in examinations.

TI 84 Plus C Silver Edition graphing calculator has acceptance in the following exams-

  • PSAT, SAT and ACT college entrance exams
  • AP, Praxis and IB exams may need and allows TI 84 Plus C calculators.

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition Graphing Calculator is a great graphing calculator for your high school math. The colored screen, easier user interface, USB functionality, jpg/png file recognization etc make it a non-comparable machine with graphing calculators of other brands.

Price of TI 84+ C

The price is little bit high as the calculator is unique from others in many features. The price range may vary $110 to $ 130 on Amazon.