Recruiting Agency: TITAS Gas and Transmission Agency

Job Type: Full Type:

Name of Post: Assistant Engineer (Mechanical)

Exam Center: MIST(Millitary Institute of Science & Technology)

Exam Questions:

1. Write down the difference between Pump,Compressor,Blower and Fan.

2. Define: Volumetric Effiency

3. What is Ton of Refrigeration.

4. Write down the second law of thermodynamics with example.

5. What is Carnot Cycle.

6. What is closed circuit gas turbine and drw P-V curve and T-S diagram of closed circuit gas turbine.

7. What is VVTI?

8. Define Reynolds Number? Write down the significance of Reynolds No.

9. What is Nussetts Number?

10. Define centrifugal pum. What are the different parts of a centrifugal pump. Draw the performance graph of centrifugal pump