Civil Engineering is one of the worlds top paid and top practiced profession. In USA usually the civil engineers get paid $40000-$80000 annually.
Civil engineers often needs information on different topics of civil engineering. For this reason a civil engineer may need to have a good volume of books. There are some books which contains the most needed information on a concise and predictable way and there is some other books which will manage the information in detail.
Books may come in need when a civil engineer search for information. The books are also very important in learning civil engineering in B. Sc or M. Sc or even during Ph. D. degree completion.
Here we are presenting the most 10 needed books for the civil engineers. The books are widely followed all over the world and contains good and precise information on civil engineering.

1. Environmental Engineering by Howard S. Peavy, Donald R. Rowe
2. Principles of Geotechnical Engineering by B.M. Das (8th ed.)
3. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering by VNS Murthy
4. Soil Mechanics in Engineering Practice by Karl Terzaghi
5. Principles of Foundation Engineering by Das, Braja M. (2015)
6. Design of Concrete Structures by Arthur H. Nilson
7. Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam, 15th ed. by Michael R. Lindeburg, PE
8. Traffic & Highway Engineering, 5th ed. by Garber & Hoel
9. Open-Channel Hydraulics by Ven Te Chow
10. Elementary Surveying (14th Edition) by Charles D. Ghilani