Towns are the integral part of our society in todays world. In each and every country no of towns are expanding with the expand of civilization and urbanization.

Town Planning by Rangwala is one of the best book for those who want to learn the process of urbanization and act accordingly.  A town consists of various development factors like sewerage, electricity, industries,hospitals, schools, mosques, restaurents, society, residential buildings and so on . Town Planning by Rangwala tries to focus on the basic of town planning through providing an integrated process.

Town Planning By Rangwala is a good book for urban planning and design. It is also very much needed for the civil engineering students.This books unique writings may help to solve the town planning problems. This books also includes railway planning  and roadway planning which may come in need of transportation engineers.


This book is better suitable for the basic students like B.Sc. or B. tech students studying Urban planning. This book could also be a good resource for the teachers and students who wants to know the basic of town planning. In many Indian school of Urban planning this book used as main text book on some of the courses. This book is specially suitable for the sub-continental countries especially south-eastern and south-western countries of Asia.