Books Name: Transportation: A Supply Chain Perspective

Author: John J. Coyle, Robert A. Novak, Brian Givson
Published by: South-western College Pub.
ISBN-13: 978-0324789195
ISBN-10: 032478919X

Why You Should Have This Book?

Transportation is one of the major portions of supply chain management and unarguably the most critical one in the process. Global supply chain is mostly dependent on the various types of transportation system and failure of this transportation system can destroy a million dollar at a once.
The 7th edition of Transportation: A Supply Chain Perspective by John J. Coyle introduces you to the complex behavior of present day transportation system in a each way. This book also describes the environment through which present day transportation is carried out. As transportation is a major part of the modern supply chain management,this book also introduces its readers to the changed environment of the transportation sector and teaches you on how to accommodate with it.
This book also covers many legal issues in domestic and international transportation system and shows how to overcome the issue through proper channel.