slopedeflectionmethod example
Before the invention of Moment Distribution Method Slope deflection Method was the most accurate and less time consuming to do the structural analysis in the early 90’s. This method has been come in focus in 1914 when Scientist and structural Engineer Jeorge A Maney published it. During the first periods of 1990’s this method had been widely used in structural analysis of beams and frames.

Young engineers of today have to learn this method to learn the structural analysis through the best processes. For the learners we are here with a structutal analysis of a indeterminate structural member with the help of slope deflection equations and more.

To determine the basics of slope deflection methods one is needed to know the slope deflection equations and obviously he needs to know how to use the equations to find the end moments.

The basic procedure includes-

  • Formation of slope deflection equations
  • Application some joint and shear equillibrium conditions( dependent on the type of joint and structures)
  • Rotating Angles calculated
  • Moment calculation from the slope deflection equations.

Watch the videos to learn how to solve slope deflection equations and how to find moments and rotating angles.

Video: 1

Video: 2

Video: 3