With a total population of barely one thousand and a few hundred people, the economy of Ouray revolves almost entirely around tourism. Located in southwest Colorado, it has been referred to as the ‘Switzerland of America.’ Since the miners chasing gold and silver established the town, the mining ruins are still scattered on the Rocky Mountains there. Beginning as a mining location, it has come a very long way. People love the natural art that is spread all across the place.

The city has got old mines, ghost towns and waterfalls to explore. Being a visitor to the Ouray, you can experience ice climbing and off-roading; just in case you love adventure. This article is for you to see what things you can do when in Ouray.

Walking Tour

Ouray, a city rich in history, deserves the attention of the visitors. If you plan to visit the beautiful town someday, make sure you take a historical walking tour to understand its past better. To avoid wasting time, you can pick up a free map from Ouray County Museum which tells you the points of interest there. Those who cannot walk this much need not worry; as they can explore the same while driving.

Ouray Walking Tour

Ice Park

Being an adventure and thrill seeker, you must visit the Ouray Ice Park and experience ice climbing. You can select any one from about two hundred climbing routes that the park incorporates. The best part about this park is that it is a human-made one. The authorities build it every year by spraying water. The water thus accumulated form large walls of ice for the climbers.

Ouray Ice Park

All-Terrain Vehicle Adventure

The Rocky Mountains can be explored from a car, but experiencing it on an open vehicle is far more soothing to the eyes. With Ride-N ATV Adventure, the visitors can rent a quad bike to see and feel the beauty of the nature that Ouray has to offer to everyone. If you are at least 25 and have a valid driving license, you can rent a quad bike for as much time as you want. There are different types of vehicles to choose from, based on the number of people you are with.

All-Terrain Vehicle Adventure

Relax in a Motel

After having done some of the cool activities in Ouray, one needs to relax for some time to carry on with the trip. While there are a lot of Ouray hotels that you can choose from, we recommend that you do not spend much on this one. While on a weekend trip, you don’t need to rest so much. Hot Springs Inn Ouray is one of the many places you can relax for a while. You even get the necessary meals there as well.

Relax in a Motel

Final Words

From a perfect climate to a lot of activities, you can find almost everything in Ouray. Regardless of what you see or explore there, the weekend trip will be a blast and a memorable one. The beautiful mountain ranges with snow on them look mesmerising.