Winters are the best time to keep log home maintained, healthy and charming. However, there are many important that need to look to make the place winter-proof.

Have a look at these important tips to keep your log home safe in winters:

Inspect The Place:

Take a walk to the place and inspect seals, finishes and other wears of the home. Inspect areas like roof’s downspouts and more, and if needed add extra insulation to the attic. Keep an eye on the flashing of the fireplace to ensure that your log home or cheap log cabin kit is safe from water leakages. Replace worn roof tiles or shingles, clean gutters and use hose water to clear away debris and filth.

Check Foundations:

Clear all debris and waste that surrounds the log home; make sure there is not waste surrounding the foundation. Check entry points and keep them clean. Seal all the corners and entryways to keep crawling insects at bay. Mice can slip through even from a smal thin dime, so ensure there’s no opening in your home. Re-apply stain proof, if it’s been long since you have done. Caulk large openings to prevent moisture and stop air leakages.

Do Furnace Checks:

Remove the combustion chamber door and burner covers to clean them thoroughly. Make sure that the burner flames are blue as yellow flames indicate dirty burners. Also, vacuum the burners and the furnace base to remove soot. You can also switch from manual thermostat to the programmable one to increase efficiency.

Don’t forget to clean the blower blades with brush and vacuum. Do not stress the wiring and clean the fan thoroughly.  Make it season ready; some furnaces also serve as an air conditioner and need seasonal adjustments. Seal all leaky ducts using metal tape to ensure combustion gases go up the flue.

Prevent Plumbing Freezes:

Look where the water main is, as you would need them in an emergency to shut it off. Insulate plumbing pipes, drain air conditioner pipes. Also, if your air conditioner has water shut-off valve, switch it off so that it won’t get hampered in winters. If you are going on a winter vacation, leave the heat on in your log home and set the temperature to at least 55 degrees.

Prepare Landscaping And Outdoors:

Winter’s snow and storm can ravage the exteriors in a way that you need to do a lot of hard work to your surroundings.  Seal electrical wires, trim trees and cut off branches that are too close to the home. Make ice choppers ready and purchase lots of ice-melt or sand to keep landscape clean.

Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

Since your log home would be close in winters and you would have limited access to fresh air, so make sure you have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors ready. Get extra smoke batteries ready and change them often. Get a fire extinguisher ready and replace if it is too old.

Get Emergency Kit Handy:

Get candles, matches and lighter ready to make them use during winter power shortages. Also, keep boiled food and extra water ready. Keep blankets, first-aid kit and emergency contacts ready.

So, now you know all the winterize tips you need to look make your log home cozy and healthy in winters. Keep them in mind and have a healthy stay!