Download Bangladesh National Building Code-BNBC 20

Books Name: Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC)
Author/Writer: Government of Bangladesh
Edition: 2006

Bangladesh National Building Code is one of the finest and most popular code of practice for construction sector in Bangladesh. Popularly it is called as BNBC code. The first edition of BNBC was first published in 1993.

After passing a decade since first publication, the revised form of the Bangladesh National Building Code was again published in 2006 with a lot of modification.

Download Bangladesh Building Code 2006 From Here


List of the Universities in Canada

Canada is one of the most choosen country for higher studies. Several public and private universities in different province in Canada. The universities has the top class facilities for the local and international students. Moreover Canadian government decided to increase the total number of students and citizens within the country. Therefore they already have changed their immigration system and made it more easy for the students and job seekers.

Due to easy immigration and many other facilities Canada is going to be the first choice for the foreign students to complete their degree from a good university.  Canadian universities offers courses on all every subjects that is available on the top of the universities of the world. So for the students who wants to complete their degrees from Canada a list of well known and established universities are the most needed thing. Here we are providing with the all names of the universities along with their start year and province on which they are situated.

1. Athabsca University

Province: Alberta

Total Students: 39700

2. Grant MacEwan University

Province: Alberta

Total Students: 18897

3. Mount Royal University

Province: Alberta

Total Students: 24768

4. University of Alberta

Province: Alberta

Total Students: 39502

5. University of Calgery

Province: Alberta

Total Students: 29860

6. University of Lethbridge

Province: Alberta

Total Students: 8230

7. Capilano University

Province: British Columbia

Total Students: 7500

8. Emily Carr University of Art and Design

Province: British Columbia

Total Students: 1898

9. Kwantlen Polytechnic University 

Province: British Columbia

Total Students: 16811

10. Royal Roads University

Province: British Columbia

Total Students: 4272

11. Simon Fraser University

Province: British Columbia

Total Students: 35204

12. Thompson Rivers University

Province: British Columbia

Total Students: 13172

13. University of British Columbia

Province: British Columbia

Total Students: 50330

14. University of Victoria

Province: British Columbia

Total Students: 22405

15.  University of Fraser Valley

Province: British Columbia

Total Students: 8164

16. University of Northern British Columbia

Province: British Columbia

Total Students: 3558

17. Vancouber Island University

Province: British Columbia

Total Students: 6279

18. Brandon University

Province: Manitoba

Total Students: 3260

19. University College of the North

Province: Manitoba

Total Students: 2400

20. University of Manitoba

Province: Manitoba

Total Students: 26800

21. University of Winnipeg

Province: Manitoba

Total Students: 9847

22. Mount Ellision University

Province: New Brunswick

Total Students: 2694

23. St. Thomas University

Province: New Brunswick

Total Students: 2494

24.University of New Brunswick

Province: New Brunswick

Total Students: 9061

25. Universite de Moncton

Province: New Brunswick

Total Students: 5281

26. Memorial University of Newfoundland

Province: Newfoundland and Labrador

Total Students: 15418

27. Acadia University

Province: Nova Scotia

Total Students: 3607

28. Cape Breton University

Province: Nova Scotia

Total Students: 3140

29. Dalhousie University

Province: Nova Scotia

Total Students: 14423

30. University of King’s College

Province: Nova Scotia

Total Students: 1180



Moment Distribution Method-Step by Step

Moment Distribution method is one of the most famous and easy method for solving structural problems and is invented by Hardy Cross in 1930. All kinds of structure including that of frames can be easily solved by the moment distribution method.Here we are presenting a step by step procedure for solving structural problems including that of associated theory.

Know more about Moment Distribution Method on Wikipedia


Watch Staad PRO V8i Full Video Tutorial

Here we are!! With a video tutorial of Staad Pro V8i.

This video tutorial is for about 3 hours and you will learn how to do a modelling in Staad Pro…

Have fun with Staad Pro V8i Guys!!!


List of Civil Engineering Software according to their Purpose

Civil engineers and civil engineering students are often in need of using softwares. Their are several software that can be useful to a civil engineer. But in most cases the famous softwares are used in to solve real life civil engineering problem solution. There are many softwares and of course there are some famous sofwares. For analysis, for designing and for management of the project theses softwares play a vital role in most of the cases.

Here are the list of most used civil engineering softwares and they are sorted according to their application areas:

a) Management of project

  • Microsoft Project
  • Primevera
  • Project Kickstart
  • Smarta

b) Analysis/ Design of Structure

  • Staad Pro
  • GTS
  • Sap 2000
  • Struds
  • NISA
  • GT Strudl
  • Xsteel
  • Microstation
  • Tekla
  • Ansys

c) Modelling

  • ArchiCAD
  • AutoCAD Rivet
  • Dstudio Max
  • PDS
  • PDMS
  • SP 3D
  • Tekla structures
  • Adobe Photoshop

d) Water Tanks Design


e) Quantity and Estimation

  • QE PRO

f) Geotechnical Engineering

  • Plaxis
  • Geo


  • Arc View
  • Geo Matics

h) Sewer Modelling

  • Kanal++

i) Water Distribution

  • Network
  • Aqua++

j) Highways Design

  • MXRoads
  • HDM
  • Autoplotter
  • Heads

k) Green Building Design

  • Ecotect
  • Visual Doe
  • Energy+
  • IES
  • Dialux

l) Drafting Sotware

  • Vector Works
  • Maya
  • Rhino

m) PSC Girder Design


n) Offshore Platform Design

  • SACS

o) Foundation Design

  • SAFE
  • STAAD Foundation

There are many other softwares also. But these are the most popular software ever. (658)

Staad PRO V8i Basics Video Tutorial

staad pro v8i


Staad Pro is one of the most used structural analysis software. STAAD PRo V8i is one of the most used versions of the staad pro structural analysis. Staad Pro supports a lot of steel, concrete and timber design codes. For this reason it has been choosen worldwide  to design multisectoral building using the construction materials like steel, concrete and many more.

Here we are giving a video tutorial of basics of structural analysis through staad pro v8i.

staad pro v8i



Bangladesh Bank Recruitment Questions

Recruiting Agency: Bangladesh Bank

Post Name: Officer

Exam Date: 02 January 2015

Total Marks: 100

Time 60 Minutes

Download the full question from here



TITAS gas -Assistant Engineer(Mechanical) Recruitment question

Recruiting Agency: TITAS Gas and Transmission Agency

Job Type: Full Type:

Name of Post: Assistant Engineer (Mechanical)

Exam Center: MIST(Millitary Institute of Science & Technology)

Exam Questions:

1. Write down the difference between Pump,Compressor,Blower and Fan.

2. Define: Volumetric Effiency

3. What is Ton of Refrigeration.

4. Write down the second law of thermodynamics with example.

5. What is Carnot Cycle.

6. What is closed circuit gas turbine and drw P-V curve and T-S diagram of closed circuit gas turbine.

7. What is VVTI?

8. Define Reynolds Number? Write down the significance of Reynolds No.

9. What is Nussetts Number?

10. Define centrifugal pum. What are the different parts of a centrifugal pump. Draw the performance graph of centrifugal pump (187)

Types of Foundation

spread foundation

Foundation and its suitability:

Foundation is that part of the structure that carries the super imposed load on it and transfers and distributes the load to the soil strata over a greater area so that the intensity of load decreases.
Generally foundation is termed as the sub-structure. There are different types of foundation. Each of them are suitable for various conditions of the soil. The choice of foundation for structure depends upon several factors. These factors are generally comes from the quality of the soil.
The following factors are most dominant in deciding the foundation types for any structure:

  • Soil Conditions
  • Present of water table
  • Presence of hard strata
  • Property line
  • Soil type
  • Presence of clayey and bio-degradable soil/Pit soil
  • Presence of vegetation
  • Soil Gradation
  • Plasticity,Elasticity and liquidity of soil
  • Types of structures
  • Possibility of settlement etc.

Types of Foundation:

In broader sense foundation are of two types-

1) Shallow Foundation

2) Deep Foundation

Shallow Foundation:

A shallow foundation may be defined as a foundation which transmits the loads to the soil near to the surface of the earth and the load bulbs do not reach to the lower strata/sub-surface of the soil.

Shallow foundation are of many types. They are-

  • Continuous wall foundation
  • Strip foundation
  • Strap foundation
  • Mat foundation
  • Combined footing
  • Trapezoidal footing
  • Column Footing etc.

spread foundation

Deep Foundation:

Deep foundation transmits the upcoming loads to the deeper level of soil strata. Generally it is done to carry heavier loads and often it is very costly compared to shallow foundation.

Deep foundation are of various types. They are-

  • Pile foundation
  • Caisson
  • Cofferdam

pile foundation (528)

TITAS GAS-Assistant Engineer Recruitment Question 2014


Exam Center: MIST (Millitary Institute of Technology)

Exam  Date: 19/12/2014

Exam Time: 10.00 AM

Exam Type: Written+MCQ+General Knowledge

Post Name: Assistant Engineer (Civil/Mechanical/Chemical)

No. of Vacancy: 40

Download the Full question of TITAS GAS from Here


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