Top 10 Mechanical Engineering Books

Mechanical Engineering is called the Mother of Engineering! Now-a-days mechanical engineering is one the most deserved and subject in most of the universities of the world. The demand of a mechanical engineer is going to be increase in an exponential ration in the present decade with the era of robotics and machine operated production of the companies.

During the late 19′s mechanical engineering started its new era. With the establishments of modern technology based production in industries and with the evolution of industrial super powers the demand of mechanical engineering still goes on increasing.

To be a graduate in mechanical engineering one may need to complete a degree in mechanical engineering degree and therefore he may need a lot of books.But all of the books will not help him to get the best and concise knowledge on mechanical engineering. There are several books on mechanical engineering but there are some books that will help to get the knowledge in the most effective and easy way and thus presenting the most needed and implemented information to you.

The most desired and helpful top 10 mechanical engineering books are-

1.  Mechanics of Materials by Ferdinand P. Beer, Russell Johnston and John T. Dewolf

mechanical engineering

2. Fluid Mechanics by Frank M. White

mechanical engineering

3. Mechanical Engineering Design by Joseph Edward Shigley, Richard G. Budynas

mechanical designg

4. Engineering Mechanics Dynamics by Russell C. Hibbeler

5. Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual for PE Exam by Michael R. lindeburg
6. Mechanical Engineers Handbook by Dan B. Marghitu 7. Machinery’s Handbook by Erik Oberg 8. Centrifugal Pumps by A J Stepanoff 9. Automated Manufacturing Systems by S. Briaan Morriss 10. Robotics by Ellen Thro


RAJUK -Assistant Engineer(Civil) Recruitment Question 2014

Exam Center: MIST(Military Institute of Science and Technology-Bangladesh)
Exam Date: 9th March 2014
Recruiting Authority: Rajdhani Unnoyon Kortipokkho(RAJUK)
Post Name: Assistant Engineer ( Civil ) and Authorized Officer(Civil)
Exam Time: 10.00 AM
Total Post: 10 nos. for Assistant Engineer and 40 nos for Authorized Officer



Top 10 Civil Engineering Books

Civil Engineering is one of the worlds top paid and top practiced profession. In USA usually the civil engineers get paid $40000-$80000 annually.
Civil engineers often needs information on different topics of civil engineering. For this reason a civil engineer may need to have a good volume of books. There are some books which contains the most needed information on a concise and predictable way and there is some other books which will manage the information in detail.
Books may come in need when a civil engineer search for information. The books are also very important in learning civil engineering in B. Sc or M. Sc or even during Ph. D. degree completion.
Here we are presenting the most 10 needed books for the civil engineers. The books are widely followed all over the world and contains good and precise information on civil engineering.

1. Environmental Engineering by H.S. Peavy
2. Principles of Geotechnical Engineering by B.M. Das
3. Geotechnical Engineering by VNS Murthy
4. Soil Mechanics by Karl Terzaghi
5. Principles of Foundation Engineering by B.M. Das
6. Reinforced Cement Concrete Design by Nilson
7. Reinforced Cement Concrete by Nadim Hassaoun
8. Treasure of RCC design by sushil kumar

9. Open Channel Flow by Ven te chow

10. Advanced Surveying by N.N. BASAK


Types of Settlement

types of settlemnt

Types of settlement:

There are three types of settlement.
They are-

1)Uniform Settlement:

the whole structure settles down uniformly. No crack or even collappse occurs in this case.

2)Tipping Settlement:

When a corner of the structure settles down this is called as tipping settlement. Generally no crack develops in this case but cracks can appear in some cases. This type of settlement occurs due to uneven compaction of the soil.

3)Differential settlement:

In this settlement process, different parts of the structure goes down different degree of settlement and severe cracks occur in different degrees and in different portions of the structure.

types of settlemnt (660)

10 Great Civil Engineering Mistakes (IMAGES)

civil engineering mistakes


  • Where Would you go with this nice stair case?



  • OOO!!! Do not drive on this bridge…It may cause you LAUGH   :) :)
  • Do not try to pull over the manhole cover…








  • Are you in quickness???Don’t piss on this bathrooms….
  • a331_c4


  • Go to upstairs and bang your head… :)




  • The age of slipping to Manhole..
  • building-fails20


  • Go ahead with a Train…You will not struck with the object…but the train will:)






  •   What a Rail line?





  •    Bang your head again in escalator if you had headache!!!!!!!!!!


images (729)

10 Books for Christmas Gift 2014

The christmas 2014 is very near and is only about one month left. In this time everyone is busy for the christmas gifts buying. In 2014 there are several books which could be on your christmas buy list to gift it to your nearest person.

Here we are presenting the best 10 books that you can buy on this christmas 2014.

1. The GoldFinch by Donna Tartt

2. The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton

3.Bleeding Edge by Thomas Pynchon

4. The Circle by Dave Eggers

5. The Son by Philipp Meyer

6. Strange Bodies by Marcel Theroux

7. Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell

8. Frost Hollow Hall by Emma Caroll

9. Picture me Gone by Meg Rosof

10. The Infatuations by Javier Marias


How to Make an IPS and Transformer in Home

IPS (Instant Power Supply) and transformers are very much needed electronics in our day to day life. Because of Increased load shedding IPS become a part and parcel of life to the many people. In this video tutorial you will learn how to make an IPS nad Transformer with the local materials and everything that is near to your hand.


20 Best selling books 2014 in USA

Best selling books 2014 according to USA-TODAY are listed below. Most of the books are obviously novels and some others are for childrens. The most selling books in USA in 2014 is–

1. The Fault in Our Stars written by  John Green

The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars

2. Divergent written by Veronica Roth



3. Insurgent written by  Veronica Roth

Insurgent written by  Veronica Roth

4. Allegiant written by Veronica Roth

Allegiant written by Veronica Roth

5. The Gold Finch written by Donna Tartt

The Gold Finch written by Donna Tartt

6. Heaven is for Real written by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent

7. The book Thief written by Markus Zusak

8. Lone Survivor written by Marcus Luttrell with Patrick Robinson

9. Gone Girl written by Gillian Flynn

10. The Husband’s Secret written by  Liane Moriarty

11. The invention of Wings  written by Sue Monk Kidd

12. Divergent Series Complete Box Set written by

13. Orphan Train written by Veronica Roth

14. Shadow Spell written by Nora Roberts

15. The Maze Runner written by James Dashner

16. Sycamore Row written by   John Grisham

17. The Target written by David Baldacci

18. Oh, The Places You’ll Go written by Dr. Seuss

19. Looking For Alaska written by John Green

20. City of Heavenly Fire written by  Cassandra Clare (450)

5 Megaprojects of the World

Money belongs to everything!!!!

OK, modern world is very much money depended and a lot of projects are still running on the world. But there is some projects which cost is even crosses some of the total budget of some small countries!!!

Here we are listing some of the biggest megaprojects in the world.

1.  The InterstateHighway System

The interstate highway System is a project in USA and is intended to connect the states of the USA. The interstate highway system project was started in 1955 and total cost of the project was USD 459 billion.


2. The International Space Station

The international space station settled up in the orbit of the earth is the second largest megaproject in terms of money. The cost of this station is ongoing. The total cost of international space station is USD 150 Billion.


3. King Abdullah Economic City

The estimated cost of king abdullah economic city is USD 86 Billion and suppose to introduce Saudi Arabia as a economically strong city.The estimated completion of the city is 2020.

king-abdullah-economic-city4. California High Speed Rail Project

The estimated cost of this project is about USD 98.5 Billion.


5. DubaiLand

The estimated cost of this project is about USD 76 Billion. The project was started in 2003 and comprises of 250 projects.



california state hi


5 Popular Websites for free Engineering Books Download

free books

Engineers often in need of downloading books as the books are always costly and can cost around 200-500 USD to buy any single book. Why would you buy books when you have an online copy or PDF version of the book is available?So this post is for those students who wants to read a lot, study a lot from the books but are depriving of proper sources.
There are several websites on the web from where you can download E-books. Here we are giving the most enhanced and sourced 11 websites:



The website link is . This a very famous website on free books download and can provide you books on almost all topics. There are a huge collection of books. The only demerits of this website is the download link is on websites which do not offer to download one books at time if you are not a premium member.


2. Free E-Books

The website URL is Free E-books is a very good website for downloading books on different categories. You can also submit your own created E-book here too.

3. 4shared

The website URL is .Although 4shared is not dedicated only to books but to many other things but 4shared is very important and good for downloading books. You can search for E-books by the name or by the author name and you have to wait for about 20 seconds each time you want to download a pdf version of  each book.

4. Scribd

The website URL is . is dedicated to all kjnd of paper works of  institutional documents in the PDF,DOC,or PPT format. You can find your study materials for 100% free here. But to download the necessary documents for free you have to upload one or more genuine documents that is not present in the scribd. You will get access to download just after you have uploaded your genuine documents.

5. All About Free Books

The website URL is . The website provides books mainly on engineering especially on civl engineering. You can find books on software tutorial. There are also a lot of learning topics on civil engineering and you can learn a lot from the posts. The books and study materials are 100% free of cost and you will have no obligation in downloading the books (3238)

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